How to Calm Down a Toddler

The most important thing to realize about toddler tantrums is that they are a natural part of life. It’s normal to experience a squirmy baby or a screeching two-year-old. Knowing this does not help to calm your toddler down in itself but at least you know you are not alone.

You are just like any other great parent. You simply want to do your best for you and your little one, and give yourself a break. The good news is that toddler tantrums do not have to take over your life. There are things that you can do to calm down your child while giving them lots of love and support.

Give Your Child Some Control

how to calm down a toddler

When you are thinking about how to calm a child down, it’s important to understand that many tantrums are the result of a child wanting control of their environment. They know what they need or want but they are not able to articulate how they are feeling.

The more your child gets frustrated, the more they are likely to get angry. They may insist on wanting to do things themselves, even if they do not have the ability. They may also revolt against not being able to have everything they want because they are not able to reason why.

It helps to give your child some control over their life. For instance, you could let them choose their outfit for the day or what they want to drink. Doing this helps you to develop a trusting and supportive relationship with your child that can help them to feel calmer and less frustrated.

Provide an Activity that is Less Frustrating

A toddler does not have a long attention span. They can quickly become disillusioned by activity, especially if they find it difficult. This can lead to a temper tantrum.

Changing to a different activity or environment can help if you are wondering how to help an angry child calm down in this situation. For instance, you may want to ask your child to help you unpack the shopping. You can use this as an opportunity to explore the colors and shapes of packaging; a fun and educational activity. You may also want to think about asking your little one to help washing vegetables for a meal. This gives you a great opportunity to have some bonding time with your toddler while introducing them to healthy foods. It’s often a good idea to choose entertaining videos for toddlers or play some fun games with your child. You can talk about what you are doing, laugh out loud, and simply enjoy the time that you spend together.

Keep Yourself Calm

Being upset can make it harder for you to help your child when they need to calm down. This is why it’s so important to keep calm, no matter how bad your child’s tantrums are. If you have a young child, you may want to think about using calming techniques each day, such as meditation. This helps you to deal with any problems when they happen, such as dealing with an upset toddler.

When your toddler starts to have a tantrum, it’s a good idea to take deep breaths before you react in any way. This helps to calm you down, so that is better able to help your little one.

Speak Quietly and Reasonably

It’s best not to scream and shout at a toddler who is having a tantrum. Instead, it’s a good idea to come down to your child’s level and speak calmly and quietly. You still need to be firm but you should also listen to your child’s point of view in the same way as you would with an adult.

Help to Resolve a Problem

Life can be very frustrating for a toddler, when there are so many things that they struggle with, such as solving a puzzle. Not every child gets frustrated by this but many do.

If your toddler throws a tantrum as a result, you can think about starting by giving them the opportunity to solve the problem by themselves. However, it’s not a good idea to let them get too upset. Instead, you can take the opportunity to join them and help them with the problem by talking to them and explaining things. This is far better than just completing a task for them as it helps them to feel independent and useful.

Change Sources of Stimulation

Stimulation is important to the development of any child. However, too much stimulation can overwhelm a toddler’s brain. They do not know how to deal with this and they end up throwing a tantrum.

It helps to change your child’s environment if this happens. For instance, you may want to take your toddler outside where they can run about and get some fresh air.

Show Empathy for your Child

Empathy is the ability to imagine how another person is feeling which allows you to respond in a careful manner. Your toddler deserves your empathy just as much as anyone else.

It’s a good idea to understand that your child is an individual with their own personality and needs. If they are upset you may want to talk to them about how they are feeling. For instance, you might want to say, “Are you scared of the noise?” If they respond that they are, you could answer by saying that you will take them somewhere quieter and hold their hand until you both get there. Having their feelings recognized in this way helps a child to calm down.

Taking any of these actions can help you to calm down a toddler. Tantrums will not stop altogether but they should be easier to handle.