Creative And Fun Activities For Toddlers

Creative and Fun Activities for Toddlers

Your toddler probably often seems to have huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm. You can harness this by making sure that they have fun and creative activities to entertain them.

Taking part in these activities for toddlers helps your child to develop. They grow socially, intellectually and emotionally. Let’s not forget that they have a whole lot of fun too. You might also be surprised by just how much fun you get from playing along. We have put together some ideas about creative and fun activities that your toddler will love.

Sensory Activities For Toddlers

Babies learn by using their senses from the day they are born. This means that play which involves the five senses is essential to the development of your little one. As your toddler learns, they develop pathways between the neurons in their brain. The more they learn, the stronger these pathways become.

This makes it easier for your child to continue learning as they grow older. There are lots of different creative ideas that you can use for indoor activities for toddlers with a sensory theme. Here are a few of them, to give you some inspiration.

Toddlers are known to put everything in their mouths. It is how children discover the world in this age. For this reason, it is important to choose a safe sensory activity.

Homemade playdough is a good option, it is safe to eat and won’t be a choking hazard for a toddler. A simple recipe for edible playdough is water, flour, salt, and food coloring. All of these ingredients are safe for your baby, still, it is always safer to let your child play with it only under your supervision.

Another safe option is sensory bottles, which you can fill with whatever you like. For example glitter, rhinestones, toys like fish, balls, etc. They will entertain your baby without the danger of them putting the small items in their mouths.

Sort Shapes Into Colour Groups

Using the sense of sight is important for toddlers. They need to be able to recognize colors and shapes. Playing a fun sensory game can help with this.

Find a container with low sides. Use some dark-colored pebbles as a base that covers the bottom of the container. Then spread some colored buttons of different shapes across the top. Place enough containers for each color and/or shape in the corners of the container. The aim of the game is for your toddler to sort the buttons by color or shape. Remember to congratulate them when they sort correctly.

Tweeze Out Some Spaghetti Worms

This is a fun game for toddlers who like to get dirty. Place a layer of earth into a container and place some pieces of cooked spaghetti just under the surface. Then give your toddler some safety tweezers and ask them to grab as many worms as they can. This is safer than your children digging up actual worms.

Building A Castle Tent Indoors

children's animation videos

Children love to be able to hide away in a tent. It gives them a touch of independence without putting them in any danger.

Creating a tent with your child can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it. There are several fantasy tent ideas that you can get your toddler to helping you with. An easy way of letting your child do most of the work is to make a tent out of sheets by draping the sheets over the backs of four chairs. To make the activity really special, get your little one to make up a story about the tent. Maybe they are out in the woods or they may be a prince or princess in a castle.

Watching Fun Cartoons And Videos

Most toddlers love watching children’s animation videos and other children’s TV shows. There is nothing wrong with this as long as they are not simply sat down in front of the TV all day. There are a lot of shows that are educational as well as fun that you can choose from.

You don’t have to count only on TV, the internet is full of high-quality content for children, just be careful with your choice because not all videos marketed for children have the quality you’d want. You can choose a fun educational video or a program that you think fits your child and watch it together to make it interactive. I.e. talk to them about what they see on screen, what they like and don’t like. This is a great opportunity to spend time with your baby but remember to limit the screen time.

Making Patterns With Finger Paints

The thought of finger painting with your toddler may seem daunting. However, it’s a great way of introducing your child to different colors and textures. It also encourages them to use their creativity.

Before you begin the finger painting adventure, here’s what you can do to get prepared.

  • Set aside an area for the painting and make sure that you use a drop cloth.
  • Have enough paper and paint to keep your toddler happy. They are not going to be satisfied with creating just one masterpiece.
  • Your toddler is highly likely to get paint on them, and on you too. The best way to deal with this is to set aside some old clothes as painting clothes.

If you are organized, this can be one of the best rainy day activities for toddlers.

All of these activities will give your toddler a lot of fun. Your child will also be able to learn with their different senses as they play, and develop their creativity.