How to Entertain a 2-Year-Old Toddler for Hours

how to entertain kids

Toddlers have huge amounts of energy. They are also super inquisitive but their attention span is short. This can be a difficult combination to deal with, so you need to think carefully about how to entertain a 2-year-old.

The truth is that you will probably need to plan a few different activities. Doing this means that you can swap between them and make sure that you keep your child fully entertained. Here are a few activity ideas that your 2-year-old will love.

Playing The Xylophone

A xylophone is a great choice of the first instrument for your child to explore. They can learn how to make different sounds and feel the vibrations of the bars when they hit them.

You should start by simply letting your child bash away at the bars with a xylophone mallet. Then you can encourage them to make different sounds and feel the vibrations that they can make. This is a good way of helping a toddler to get a basic understanding of sound and music.

Using Toys That Are Educational

Toddlers love to play with toys. If they can learn at the same time, you have a winning situation all-round. There are lots of great educational toys for 2-year-olds. Some of the most familiar ones are:

  • Letters of the alphabet. Your child gets to learn how letters look. You can also teach them how letters sound as they spell out different words.
  • Hand puppets allow little ones to use their creativity to make up adventures for their little friend. You and your toddler can even put on a short play together.
  • If you are looking at how to entertain toddlers, there are simple puzzles specifically for 2-3-year-olds. They are textile educational toys that give little ones the opportunity to work towards an end goal that they can be proud of.

Reading With Your Child

how to entertain a 2 year old

It’s never too soon to start reading with your child. Reading stories out loud to them gives your 2-year-old a better chance of developing their own reading skills. They will:

  • Develop a vocabulary of words that they understand.
  • Get to know the sounds that words are made of.
  • Understand that marks on the page of a book are letters and words.

Reading stories that your child can relate to also helps them to see how they fit in the world.

Watching Animated Videos With Your Toddler

Watching videos for children can be good for your 2-year-old. However, a TV, laptop or tablet should not be treated like a babysitter.

Instead, you should watch videos with your child and talk to them about what is happening. Explain anything that your child does not understand. You should also take time after the video is finished to talk to your child about what happened and how they feel about it. This helps them to develop their speech, vocabulary and social skills.

Remember to choose videos that can teach you, children. For instance, this could be a video about showing empathy for others or a story about using the alphabet. This type of video helps your child to learn as you watch with them.

Drawing Pictures Together

Toddlers naturally love to draw. You can develop this love by encouraging them to be creative with colored pencils or crayons and paper. Remember to have plenty of materials to hand as a toddler seldom wants to create just one drawing.

There are several benefits that your toddler can get from drawing pictures including:

  • Development of fine motor skills.
  • Understanding size and distance.
  • Improvement of concentration.
  • Improvement of hand-eye coordination.

You can see how drawing projects can be both beneficial and entertaining for your child.

Playing With Foam At Bath Time

Bath time can be fun for 2-year-olds. They can be entertained as well as getting clean. There are several activities that can make playing in a bath even more fun. For instance, you could:

  • Use the foam and food coloring to create ‘paints’ that your little one can use to paint themselves and the tiles around the tub.
  • Encourage your toddler to create bubble beards and bubble hair as they get creative with the bath foam.
  • Let your child take a doll into the bath with them. They can bathe the doll as you bathe them. This helps them to understand what caring is and why it’s good to keep clean.

Remember that all of this play should be supervised. You should also join in. Be prepared to get wet and to have more fun than you might imagine.

When you are working out how to entertain kids, you should focus on activities that they will enjoy and that will help them to learn. This helps them to associate fun with knowledge as they get older.